Gabriel Hălănduţ: Teodicea kantiana. Un processo a Dio e il trionfo della sincerità

The question of the status of God and the role he occupies in the general organization of the world or in the life of man is an ancient one. From Antiquity, when Plato tries to defend the gods from the various accusations brought against them, until Leibniz’s famous Theodicy, philosophers have used their reason in a trial defending God. Apparently, the possibility of such a kind of discourse comes to be suspended by Kant’s critique of the tribunal of reason. However, the very process in which the classic arguments of God’s existence are analyzed, instead of becoming the end point of a road, becomes another kind of theodicy. The intention of this article is to highlight how the category of sincerity (Aufrichtigkeit) brings with it a new hermeneutical key to Kantian writings.


Dialog 50-3 Halandut

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