Gabriel Iulian ROBU: The interpretation of the status naturae integrae (Gen 1-2) within the Adequate Anthropology of John Paul II

In this article, my aim has been to emphasize the role played by Gen 1-2 (status naturae integrae) in the theological anthropology of John Paul II. I have attempted to present the relevance of the Elohist and Jahwist traditions about man’s creation for anthropology, emphasising the transition from the original solitude of Adam to the interpersonal communion that reflects the image of God’s Trinity. I also speak of the meaning of original nakedness, of the original unity and of the spousal features of the human body in the sphere of the hermeneutics of gift. I has aimed to show that for Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis, man is a gift and in order to be happy, he/she must become a gift for others. In a hermeneutical context in which everything is a gift of God, including both time and space, man cannot find himself and his fulfillment unless he becomes a gift. The hermeneutics of the gift is one of the many common points addressed by Saint John Paul II and Pope Francis. The abundance with which the two Pontiffs use the term “gift” and the importance they award to this key concept leads us to the conclusion that, according to the recent Magisterium of the Church, the hermeneutics of the gift is itself a gift and a light for the Christian families in the third millennium.

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