Ioan Balan: Formare i seminaristi all’uso attento del televisore

Since its inception, the TV has spread rapidly in all homes, becoming an indispensable piece in the family environment around which relationships, habits, lifestyles are built, becoming a simple and inexpensive source of information and use of free time. Recent generations have grown up with TV and become addicted to the small screen, causing psychophysical injuries, uncontrolled behavioral outbursts caused by image culture that influences objective reality, presenting false images as an ambiguous game in which everything appears simple, easy, happy and rich, replacing the truth with the opinion. In a consumer society, advertising is a form of communication that aims to encourage the purchase of products by producing an automation in the listener that immediately accepts the offer of immediate happiness. The modern man can choose to be teleconsumer, teledependent, teleignorant or teleintelligent; but for the fruitful use of the television a slow work is needed based on patience, introspection, interiorization, silence and attentive listening.

Dialog 44-1 Balan

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