Ioan Robu: De ieri până astăzi la noi: Conciliul al II-lea din Vatican

The article is a personal testimonial of Bucharest’s archbishop, ÎPS IOAN ROBU, who recalls of the fact that, until 1990, we shared some, but a little of the new Council’s atmosphere, that stirred up the universal Church. The translation and the publication of the documents was possible only 25 years after the end of the Council’s sessions (1990). For that time, the Council arrived as a delayed letter, discovered and hardly read and, generally, without enthusiasm. Nevertheless, we haven’t experienced an exaggerated application of the liturgical reforms. Nowadays, even if there are a lot of things to do, the breath of the Council is still present in our local Church. The new priest generations and the believers don’t understand the Council’s documents as a delayed letter, but as an fresh appeal to responsibility and fidelity towards the Church.

DT112_ÎPS Ioan Robu

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