Ioan TAMAŞ: Instrumentele de comunicare socială în legislaţia Bisericii

In this study, the author expresses his opinion concerning three fundamental problems that structure the problem of the social communication instruments in the canonic legislation: a) the Church right to possess such instruments; b) the entire Church (bishops, priests, laymen, monks) must unite themselves in the apostolate of the social communications; c) the use of these instruments must not harm in any way the faith and Catholic morale. In essence, a trinome might be used: to have – to use – to supervise. The present code treats about the social communication in nine canons. Two of them, 822 and 823, constitute the first part of the title De instrumenti communicationis socialis et in specie de libris. The other seven canons are placed in different sections of the code. Moreover, there are two canons (722 §2 şi 831 §1 şi 2) that treat separately about newspapers, radio and television. The present work condenses in unum these norms, taking into account the three fundamental themes: have, use, supervise. The study of the canons – especially the base cannons 747 §1, 822 and 823 – is in the same time historical and exegetical, theological and pastoral.


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