Ioan Vicovan: Lucrarea slujitoare a Bisericii. Modele şi repere ale filantropiei Bisericii Ortodoxe Române în trecut şi astăzi

Diakonia and philanthropy represent two specific features of the primary Church and of the Church during the centuries. Today, when the materialist outlook influences the people to gather more money and properties, the study of Ioan Vicovan proposes to discover the theology of the Holly Fathers of the Church. That is why in his article the author presents both their teaching concerning charity and the concrete their working which stresses their testimony: hospitality, alms, donations and the hospitals. Finally the author identifies the institution of philanthropy from the past and from the present time of the Romanian Orthodox Church, which tried and is trying to celebrate in this way the „Mass after the Mass” for the poor people.

DT2110_Ioan Vicovan

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