Iosefina Cristina Loghin: Bogat în Uniunea Europeană şi sărac în România?

On the 1-st January 2007, thanks to its progress on the social and the economical sphere, Romania entered the European Union. In spite of this adhering de iure, in the concrete reality it can be noticed obvious discrepancies between the Romanian economical system and the one of the other European states. The study of Cristina Loghin aims to present the situation of poverty or wealth of some categories of age from Romania. The first analyzed category is the area of old persons who become more numerous and need special care. Then the author illustrates the situation of the employed persons and of the children who live in towns or in villages. Against the unfairness which affects these social categories, it is necessary to apply the Christian principles of justice and charity, which are useful even today in order to build a better world.

DT217_Iosefina Cristina Loghin

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