Iosif ENĂŞOAE: Biserica, loc privilegiat de întâlnire între Dumnezeu şi poporul său

Both in Old Testament’s and in New Testament’s history we can find privileged places of meetings between God and His people. Taking over and fusing synagogue’s and temple’s reality, the Church wanted from eternity by the Father, founded by Christ at the completion of times and guided by Holly Spirit, is Christian’s sacred place, central point which concentrates and gives sense to all existence of the Christian community. In the first moment, the Church made by stone is a building that cathechizes, starting from its geographic location and ending with each architectural element that is present in it. In the second moment, the author sees the Church within divine salvation plan; the Church is a sign of God’s divine will to redeem all mankind, initiative to which the people responds through praise, gratitude and reverence. The article continues with a discourse over the Church as a sacred place of divine presence, and ends with the image of Church, seen as the hope of mankind.


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