Iosif Enăşoae: Suferinţa umană în lumina învăţăturii Papei Ioan Paul al II-lea

The existential reality of the human suffering arouses a continuous and a dramatically question: “why?” which traverses the millenary itinerary of the human history. Pope John Paul the II-nd, in the Apostolic letter Salvifici doloris, tries to give a satisfying answer to this tormenting question, still removing the centre of the problem from “why?” to “what for?”. The article of Iosif Enăşoae aims to expose this teaching of Pope John Paul the II-nd about the human suffering, keeping a methodology of approaching from a general viewpoint to a specific one: the human suffering – existential reality, suffering – an obvious, universal and deeply human reality; in front of this panorama of paint the Lord was not unresponsive. Thanks his saving passions and his glorious resurrection, the human suffering can represent now the bridge between “human weakness” and “God’s power”. This duality in unity explains the mysterious sense of suffering which dwells on the mystery of the Christ who has lightened the enigma of suffering and of dyeing.

DT232_Iosif Enăşoae

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