Iosif Iacob: Credinţa în sacramentul Căsătoriei

The union between man and woman through the relation of marriage is deeply rooted in the event of creation and received its sacred dimension from the union between Christ and Church. But, because today this sacred religious dimension of marriage is often ignored or denied, Iosif Iosub intends to present Church’s teaching about the sacrament of marriage and the canonical determinations which devolve from this teaching. In this theological-canonical research, the author considers thoroughly the theology of the documents of The Second Ecumenical Sacred Council of the Vatican, of the document of the International Theological Commission on this subject, promulgated in 1977, the theology of the Apostolic Letter Familiaris consortio of John Paul the II-nd, and indicates then the implication of this theology in Church’s legislation from The Code of Canon Law (1983). In the conclusion of these considerations, the author affirms the fundamental role of faith in the preparation for marriage of young people and in their life together as husband and wife.

DT234_Iosif Iacob

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