Iosif Iacob: Il vincolo matrimoniale, sacramento di una vita perfetta nell’amore e santità secondo la visione Del Concilio Vaticano II

The form of life by which the secular man finds the fullness of his purpose is that offered by the sacrament of marriage and family life. In this environment he is called to collaborate in order to realize the kingdom of God; here he is given the opportunity to be an image of Christ in the world. In the marital bond, the spouses, through the mission they have towards each other and together towards the children, prove a particular vocation that, by virtue of the sacrament of marriage, is a symbol of mutual love between Christ and the Church, love in which lies the impulse of a continuous and mutual perfection. Thus, the vocation to a holy life, materialized in the act of mutual dedication and love within the matrimonial covenant, represents the essence of the sacrament of marriage and of a life lived in the fullness of the human and Christian values proposed by the Church through the teaching of the Second Vatican Council that does not lose its actuality, especially in the context of a global crisis on the identity and mission of the family that arises through the matrimonial covenant.


Dialog 48-7 Iacob

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