Iosif Iacob: Marriage as a divine and human reality in the vision of the Second Vatican Council

The institution of marriage and the family it is one of the social and ecclesial realities, difficult to stick in its full meaning. It, as a natural reality, involves the whole life of man, of each man, both as a right and as a possibility. In his great redemptive plan, God, through Jesus Christ, in the New Law established by the sacrifice of love to the ultimate sacrifice, assigns a saving dimension to natural marriage. This new dimension makes marriage a supernatural and profoundly human reality, anchored in social realities in a continuous becoming. The current situation that the Church is experiencing in the pastoral field through the different choices that believers make regarding the sacrament of marriage invites us to deepen and analyze all the aspects that affect the choice of the type of marital union.
All these motivations makes us to take in consideration the different spheres of human existence as well with visions of living life to see the way marriage as a natural and sacramental reality, involving every human being, presents itself to contemporary society in all its complexity, or in what way society’s problems come to be reflected and also involves the institution of marriage.


Dialog 49-10 Iacob

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