Isidor Iacovici: Familia şi fenomenul imigrării

Assuming that none of the family who went abroad did not choose this way of looking at God, to the saints, but to earn money, which is the author analyzes the phenomenon of immigration issues and the impact of this phenomenon on family. First, the author indicates that the family is forced to emigrate and highlights the reasons for this need, but also dangers involved. Another painful reality treated by Fr. James I. Nonconformity is the promise to reality in the sending country. In this context, the author talks about church involvement in immigration phenomenon by sending priests to spiritual care of their countrymen by helping immigrants and different cultural and spiritual manifestations. Further, the author analyzes the family in the context of migration and its consequences, among which is that of coexistence sacrament against which they are made some arguments and remedies. Finally, it deals with immigrants and jobs they provide in the host country.

DT284_Isidor Iacovici

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