Iulian Faraoanu: Apertura e universalismo delle porte nella Nuova Gerusalemme di Ap 21

The internal description of the gates of New Jerusalem in Ap 21 focuses the concepts of the opening and universalism. The idea of a continuous opening reveals a change in the function of the gates and sugests a symbolic interpretation. The image of gates always open expresses total acceptance and willingness to receive the incessant flow of the nations that will enter the eschatological Jerusalem. At the same time, their non-closure means the absence of obstacles or barriers for entry into the holy city. This is thw way to universalism. Actually, in the new heavenly Jerusalem enter the nations and their kings, emphasizing the universality of the holy city, in which everyone has the right to enter to enjoy the goods eschatological. The human component, the goods that nations bring, is added to the divine component of the city filled with the splendor and divine glory.

Dialog 42-4_Faraoanu

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