Iulian Faraoanu: Aşteptarea creştină a venirii Fiului omului (Lc 17,26-30)

The eschatology problem is present everywhere in Saint Luke gospel. But, the tension and the eschatology waiting are in a close relationship with the history.
The fragment from Lc 17,26-30 is included in the same eschatology domain, more precise the theme related to the waiting of Jesus second coming. The comparison with the days of Noah and Lot have an exhortatory function, inviting the people of the Saint Luke community to look at the heavenly realities. The delay of Christ’s second coming does not have to determine a life orientated only to the humanly activities, in this forgetting God. The waiting of Christ’s coming must always be alive, knowing that the Lord may come soon and his coming must find us ready.

DT288_Iulian Faraoanu

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