Iulian FARAOANU: Il popolo delle 12 tribù e dei 12 apostoli in Ap 21

The ecclesiology is an important theme in the Book of Revelation. John presents this portrait of the Church in relationship with God and Christ. From the numerous ecclesiological images of the book comes out the image of the people of God. They are symbolized by twelve tribes of Israel or by twelve apostles. The community lives as a pilgrim in history and will arrive in the escatological Jerusalem, in front of God’s and Lamb’s throne.
This study focuses on the idea of the unity between the God’s people of the old and new covenant. The starting point is the image of the names of the twelve tribes on the gates, like the names of the twelve apostles on the foundations of the holy city (Rev 21:12-14). The combination of the two elements has as background the notion of a single one Scripture. At the final point, it will be underlined the application of the ideal of unity in different sectors of Church’s life.


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