Iulian Faraoanu: Novità e preziostà nel simbolismo dei dodici fondamenti della nuova Gerusalemme (Ap 21)

The 12 foundations of the new Jerusalem are added to the 12 gates of the holy city which descends from heaven. The foundations are associated with the 12 apostles, a reference to the newssnes of the people of God. From a simbolic point of view, the foundations are 12 precious stones (Rev 21: 19-20). The precious stones were a sign of the eschatological restoration of the people of God. The same precious stones that abound in the new Jerusalem could create a contrast with the traffic of precious materials in Babylon (the Roman Empire). But the aspect on which we insist in Rev 21 is the preciousness of the people before God together with the exaltation of newsness. The new Jerusalem that will descend from heaven in eschatology is the new, perfect, unique, and unitary people of God, founded on the twelve apostles.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.53438/IVMZ1473

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