Lucian FARCAŞ: Rolul cultului şi al culturii în formarea creştinului

The religion cannot be transmitted only in a cognitive or cathechetic way, because it embraces the entire human being and communicates unconditional fundamental experiences for man’s existence and for his life’s meaning, but the religion must be exposed in all the ways that are able to bring it to man and through which man can come in contact with it. The challenge released by the author is simple and, in the same time, complex and powerful: can we use today in our religious didactic presentation other ways than only those with a strict cognitive content? For example, can we searched for access ways to religious values even on esthetic and semiotic ways? The liturgy considered as a concentrate explosion of religion, life unity of contents which are meant to be learned, passing on to „the game” and to „the drama” with biblical inspiration, which are seen as a communication that passes through experience and finishing with a highly important form of spiritual teaching, which is „didactic of private religious practice”, these are just a few important points that the author proposes us in a very original and interesting analyse.


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