Michel Cagin: Génèvieve Fondane. O viaţă închinată misterului lui Israel

Israel had one of the most troubling history. The XXth century represents for this people and for the whole humanity a painful remembrance. This article presents the Gènèvieve Fondane’s biography converted to Christian faith, as it results from the correspondence maintained with J. Maritain and his wife Raissa Maritain. Wife of the Jewish thinker Benjamin Fondane, during his detention at Auschwitz and after his death, Gènèvieve felt the power of God’s grace and, after many demands, asked to enter the order of the nuns Notre Dame of Sion. The present biography has a challenging message for nowadays people, representing both a reproach to anti-Semitism and a precious bridge in the dialogue between Jewish people and Christians.

DT203_Michel Cagin Génèvieve Fondane

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