Petre Semen: Protejarea claselor defavorizate. Grija faţă de bătrâni

he respect and the care of own parents are stipulated by the Fourth Commandment of God. But this aspect belongs to the system which gave a special attention to all persons, to the system in which being old man did not represent a depreciatory connotation, but it was the expression of the distinctive venerability. About these aspects treats the author of this study, who wishes to expose which was the vision about the care of this social category in the Israelite society and which is the biblical thinking about the respect toward parents. The first part exposes the family and the political tasks of the old persons and the duties of the young people who respected their parents thanks to the respect for God. Jesus did not abolish these stipulations, but perfected them. Today, when the differences between generations seem to become a real opposition, the Holly Scriptures remind us about God’s favourite presence in parents and in the poor people.

DT216_Petre Semen

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