Petru Dorcu: Decizia asupra morţii la Karl Rahner şi Ladislau Boroş

Death represents the inexorable end of every human being. But people who die are aware of their death; that is why they prepare themselves for this obligatory limit. The article of Petru Dorcu stops on this subject and presents in concise and comparative terms the vision of Karl Rahner on death and the one of his disciple, Ladislau Boroş. After the briefly description of the anthropological and theological dimensions of the death in the theology of Karl Rahner, the author offers different aspects of the method necessary for an adequate analysis of death from the point of view of the theology of Ladislau Boroş. Also, he focuses the analysis on different philosophical notions which represent the basis of the theology of death in the Hungarian theologian. Finally, the author compares critically these two viewpoints, bringing into bold relief their role in understanding the phenomena of death and of life, especially in their active and responsible dimension.

DT228_Petru Dorcu

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