Petru GHERGHEL: Omul de lângă noi, omul între bine şi rău

The man is capable to make real miracles of life and of history, but also a lot of disasters. What is man: an angel or devil? What is the role of man in the society and what is his purpose? The man carries in his soul, in his all being God’s image, becoming in this way the masterpiece and the crown of all creation. Regarding the nature of man, Bishop Petru Gherghel is referring to the affirmation of the Fathers of Church: Irineu from Lyon, Leon the Great and Thomas Aquinas. The morality of the human acts depends of the chosen object, of the followed purpose and in the circumstances of his action. The true value of the man of nowadays stays in his moral conscience. The Church must give all his riches of values and teachings for perfection of the man next to us.


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