Ramona Ciobanu: Current challenges of the modern family – alcohol consumption and violent behaviour

The text aims to provide a theoretical perspective on the relationship between alcohol consumption and violent behaviour in the modern family. The aim is to demonstrate the necessity of involving family members in the recovery process of the alcohol dependent person, with or without violent behaviour, both initially and along the way, even if the effects of such an approach are sometimes extremely difficult to deal with.
In this article I will focus on how sociologists and anthropologists analyse the family as a distinct social group, with a particular focus on the differences between the behaviour of traditional family members and modern family members as specified in the literature. I will also highlight how substance use behaviour developed in the modern family is influenced or not by the involvement of family members in the helping process and what would be the consequences on the modern family environment when in particular alcohol consumption leads to violent behaviour.
The article deals with the subject of substance use, with a particular focus on alcohol dependence in a theoretical scientific manner to which specific elements from the author’s practical experience are “added”.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.53438/RZAE1894

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