Ştefan Lupu: Chiesa Madre. Ecclesiologia di Henri de Lubac nelle opere „Cattolicismo. Aspetti sociali del dogma” e „Meditazione sulla Chiesa”. (II)

This article completes the considerations made by Stefan Lupu on Henri de Lubac’s ecclesiology from his fundamental studies Catholicism. Social aspects of dogma and Meditation on Church, in the previous number of our review, Theological Dialogue.
Continuing these ideas, the author presents the vision of the French theologian on the relation that Church has to establish with our word. In this step, the Church is regarded as “Mother of unity and of life”, because it is the communion’s sacrament between people and God, and the Mediator of the divine life. In the second part, the author directs our attention to the finality of the Church and to its relation with God’s Kingdom and, finally, presents the model of the Holly Virgin Mary as icon and figure of the maternity and sponsality of the Church. This theology has a great influence on the contemporary theology, thanks its recognition through the Second Council of Vatican and its answers and position in front of nowadays challenges.

DT236_Pr. Ştefan Lupu

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