Tarciziu Grădinaru: L’uomo creato ad immagine di Dio e ricreato attraverso la kenosi del Figlio

Sacred Scripture is the main advocate and defender of human dignity. Man’s dignity derives precisely from the fact that a ‘piece’ of God has been placed in him, the ‘image and likeness’ of God has been impregnated in him (Gen 1,26-27). Sin comes between man and God, depriving man of the glory he should have had in God’s company. Through kenosis, the Logos takes on human nature with which he performs the work of salvation so that man sees in the glorified Son the archetype according to which he was created. Christ incarnate and glorified has recreated man, has deified him. The kenosis of the eternal Logos materialised in the incarnation was not only a way through which man was able to see the perfect prototype after which he was created, but also became a model to be followed in living life on this earth.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.53438/UOUB7542

Dialog 51-6 Gradinaru



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