Teofil Ciucheş: Sapienza e potenza di Dio in Gregorio di Nissa. Prospettive teologiche e implicazioni spirituali per la vita cristiana

The Christological titles «Wisdom» and «Power of God» occupy a relevant significance in the theological thought of Gregory of Nyssa. The breadth of his reflections upon these matters ranges from: consideration upon the eternal character of the Divine Properties regarding the unity and equality of the Divine Persons in the Trinity, unto the Christological significance (and implications) of the Divine Attributes in the creative act of Creation. Furthermore, this research will indicate the approach that Gregory proposes in teaching these two aspects for the Christian life. The thread running through this study will allows us to observe that, for the Nyssien-minded, the faithful interpretation of Sacred Scripture is always closely connected with both theological reflection and with the spiritual life.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.53438/PTMA7987

Dialog 49-2. Ciuches

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