Violeta Barbu: Biserica şi provocările secularismului: corpul şi etica lui

Body and ethics stands at the intersection of moral theology, anthropology, sociology and even culture in the broad sense of the term. In this article, Professor Violeta Barbu presents an anthropological perspective, the issue of body and of ethics, which has undergone many changes over the past five decades. Starting from the presentation of the Christian vision of the body during history, from St. Paul’s anthropology to the theology of the body of John Paul II, is now revealed the rift between body and soul that evolved to highlight the growing body in society and acquiring an overly important role. One common fronts of the Christian worldview and post-modern, but also a bone of contention, is the importance of body health and off-line medical and ethical biology. However, two problems are analyzed morally and socially,  euthanasia (mercy killing) and abortion. In conclusion, Prof. Violeta Barbu includes all processes related to the ethical vision issues associated body and the phenomenon of secularization, a phenomenon increasingly entering in our country.

DT271_Violeta Barbu

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