Viorel SAVA: Cântarea şi arta bisericească în tradiţia bizantină. Locul şi semnificaţiile lor în cadrul cultului divin

In the Oriental tradition, divine cult preaches dogma, protects it, expresses it in an easy language and experiments it in liturgical life. Dogma is the one that gives authority, authenticity, profundity to the liturgical prayer. Church singing and Church’s art are both component elements of the divine cult. They do not appear exteriorly in liturgical life like something added after, but in interior like elements belonging to it, and determined by it. After he makes a short review over the different history phases of Church singing, the author offer us a spiritual perspective of understanding church singing like an „angel occupation”, enumerating and explaining some of the works of the singed prayer. Going forward, it is presented an explaining panorama of ecclesiastic art signification within liturgical life, that ends with the salience of the unificating vocation belonging to Oriental singing and art, in a more and more divided world.


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