Wilhelm DANCĂ: Cercetarea teologică şi sinodul diecezan de la Iaşi (2001-2004)

The editorial pleeds for the promovation of a tight bond between the theological research (in all its aspects) – the scientifical, existential, spiritual research etc. – and the work of Iassy’s Diecesan Synod (2001-2004). Accordingly, the pages of this last edition of the „Dialog teologic” contains more contributions with a tight theological character, bonded by the wish to asure a successful mission of the diecesan synod, synod that has to „profit”, to encourage, to value the theological research, in these moments and afterwards. Concerning the theological content of the present volume, a fact is underlined. Generally, the synod proposes a theology making method: the hermeneutical principles that help us understand the sacred realities (in our case, the reality of the Church) are always the same, they stay just as the Holy Bible, the Oecumenical Councils and the Patristical fathers formulated them, but they are applied to different realities. In other words, the theology is done in the context of Church’s living tradition, in a tight inner bondage with the dogmatical truths and with the history, both properly and figurately. Thus, if the ecclesiological reflections signed by B. Forte and Şt. Lupu have a dogmatical and theoretical character (with the purpose of theological foundation), the ones that belong to E. Dumea, A. Despinescu, L. Farcaş and A. Moraru have a practical character, trully ilustrating the theology-history relation.


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