Wilhelm DANCĂ: Dumnezeu, Europa şi religiile. Identitatea creştină şi pluralismul religios

On the background of the religious and cultural pluralism, nowadays Europe is registering the marginalization of Church, of the religious element and of the Christian values. This sad reality makes us speak about a new Europe, a new European with a new identity. Starting from this general view, the article brings out into bold relief the importance of Christianity and of its structures in building the first Europe, on the one hand, and on the other one, the actual European refusal of admitting Christian roots, that is the apostasy of Europe, caused by the secularized, materialist, relativist and pragmatist tendencies. But the main point of view of the author is that we assist also to the renewal of the spiritual life, to the appearance of the new and firm Christian consciences and to the reappraisal of the ethic Christian values in the public space. After this passing from past to present, the article proposes a Christian project for the future: Church needs a qualified Christian community, active and adaptable to the social cultural changes, able to inspire the behaviour of the non declared Christian people. This project seems to have winning chances because it had been already realized by Saint Benedict, for instance. But to do that the people of Europe must have more faith in God and more trust in the human being.

DT1912_Wilhelm DANCĂ

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