Wilhelm Dancă: Educaţia ca armonie între credinţă şi cultură, astăzi

Faith and reason are the two wings that raise man to know God. Extrapolating this motto of the Church Magisterium, Wilhelm Danca presents in the “Editorial” of our theological review its direct implications in the field of the culture and of the education in the Catholic school. After a succinct exposition of the statistics concerning the nowadays situation of the Catholic schools from Europe and Romania, the author presents the “lights and darkness” that can be discerned behind these numbers suggesting then the fundamental characteristics which make up or devolve from the identity of “Catholic school”. Thus, replying to the exigencies of the integral humanism, the Catholic school and, especially, the educating community have to be centred on the human person, whom they have to offer real wisdom and life vision, without making social or economical discrimination. Finally, the author expresses his conviction that the achievement of these exigencies depends on the bishop of the place who looks after the members of the teachers’ community.

DT231_Wilhelm Dancă

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