Wilhelm DANCĂ: Familia ca formă de rezistenţă la ideologii. Introducere în operele de tinereţe ale papei Ioan Paul al II-lea

The teaching of pope John Paul II on the ireplaceble role of the family in the development and formation of the true man, the educated man, has roots in his pastoral activity carried on in the Polish Church under the totalitary comunist regime, as in his literary and filosophical works published before he was elected as bishop of Rome. The lesson about family learned by Karol Wojtyla in Polland contains interesting and fascinating chapters; two of them have interest to this study: 1) the activity of the catholic priest (bachelor, single man) in the middle and to the favour of the families is based on the gospel and on the experience mediated with their problems; 2) the united family feeds on the responsable (and opened to transmiting life) love. The study affirms that the correct understanding of John Paul II’s teaching on family must revaluate both his doctrine and real gestures by which this courageous pope manifests his love towards the human family.


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