Wilhelm DANCĂ: Identitatea creştină şi valorile Europei de astăzi

Nowadays European society is registering passionate debates about the role of the Christian roots and of the religion in the structure of the new Europe, about the dialogue between Church and State, about the role of the lays both in the Church and in civilian society. Trying to put attention to this challenging problems, the Theological Roman-Catholic Institute of Iaşi organized the International Symposium “Christian identity and the values of the nowadays Europe”. In the introductory study, we can find out the objectives of the symposium and the framework of the discussions it occasioned: the orientation of the efforts in order to obtain an Europe – community of values, the discovering of new ways of practicing the historical memory in order to safeguard our religious tradition and culture, the contribution to the axiological edification of the good Romanian in order to become a good European. Finally, the author urges to the meeting with Jesus Christ, the Person – Event who founded the Christian values, whose aim is to give sense also nowadays people.

DT191_Wilhelm DANCĂ

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