Wilhelm Dancă: Omul recent şi noua evanghelizare

Starting from two terms – new and recent –, towards the contemporary spirit has a certain predilection, this study enlarges upon the missionary speech of the Church, situating itself in this manner in an anthropological perspective. The author’s intention, as he confesses, is to show that the raised man within the modern rationalism’s horizon – horizon that has become universal through science and technology – cannot and mustn’t remain only recent. And the evangelization also – which propose itself to take the contemporary man out of the nowadays cultural and religious dead end – cannot and mustn’t remain only new. In the end, the new evangelization it is not only a manner resumed to a simple method or some words. This fight for the world’s soul regards the man’s life itself. It is the renewal of the meeting with the generations’ man that has fallen away from Christ and from the Church. It is this man’s taking out from non-sense, from frustration, from boredom and from despair. It is also the Gospel’s announcing, the good news about Jesus Christ in whom God shows it’s total and true love towards every man. Fully recovered, the man could take himself out of nihilism’s whirlpool, in which everything is relative, evanescent and fragmentary, and will be able to draw back from its memory the substantial things, whether it is about the Christian message or the fundamental elements of the human being.


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