Wilhelm Dancă: Rugăciunea şi căderea comunismului în România

The wonder which took place in December 1989, so how defined Doina Cornea, a notorious personality of the Romanian anticommunist resistance, the events of that year, represents a victory of the spiritual values on the materialist and atheist ideals. In this article, Rev. Wilhelm Dancă proposes, following the profile of this personality, a clear understanding of the term “wonder” related to the events from December 1989. Employing the memories of some heroes of the anticommunist resistance and evoking his personal memories, Rev. Wilhelm Dancă wishes to underline the contribution of the spiritual factor, especially the one of the pray, to the fall of communism. That is why, he analyses this factor in three different perspectives: prayer as form of resistance against the evil, prayer as a gateway from a closed world and prayer as the space of meeting God himself. For the Catholic Church, the life during the communist time was like a day at sunset which was not ending any more. But the quotidian physical and spiritual sacrifices of our good lay people and priests prepared the happiness of regaining the freedom.

DT259_Wilhelm Dancă

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