Zenon Grocholewski: Verità e libertà. Un problema fondamentale

In the allocution presented in the occasion of receiving the title of Doctor honoris causa from the University „Al.I. Cuza” of Iaşi, his Eminence Card. Zenon Grocholewski analyzed the fundamental problem of today’s society, the one of truth and liberty. In the beginning, the author notices that man, by his unique nature, aspires to these two great values, interconnected values, because the fidelity to truth determines the exercise of liberty, and this not only theoretically but also practically, in action, fact that leads to conquer the true human and social progress. Our model, worthy to be followed is Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of truth which liberates man. As the author mentions, Christian freedom assumes two valences: to follow the Christ and vivere in conspectu Dei. After analyzing liberty in the relation with the law of Decalogue, the Cardinal Grocholewski presents the figure of the Christ, who is truth, love and the new law for umanity; that is why only the Eucharist is the „food for the hungry man seeking for truth and liberty”.


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