P.S. Aurel PERCĂ Decretul privind formarea preoţească Optatam totius

Starting with the Council of Trent (1545-1563), the Church showed a great attention to the formation of the future priests. During the years, the popes gave a lot of indications to improve the modalities of formation, conforming to the pastoral milieu and the social conditions of the candidates. In 1965, at 28 October, the counciliar Fathers voted the decree Optatam totius. This document continues harmoniously the traditional principles of the seminarian formation, through the natural opening toward the legitimate exigency of this new time. In this article is presented the content of this decree which renovated the life in the seminaries and all the formation’s areas.

DT167_Decretul privind formarea preoţească Optatam totius

Stefan Lupu: Toţi preoţi în Cristos: fundamentul sacramental al misiunii preotului şi a familiei creştine

Starting from the premise to the sacrament of baptism every Christian is made a priest, Fr. Dr. Stefan Lupu analyzes sacramental foundation of the mission of the priest and the Christian family in society. In the first part of the article, the author seeks to highlight the cultural context of this mission, which is the Christian world. In the second part of the article deal about rediscovering the common priesthood of the faithful with the Council of Vatican II. With scriptural texts as a basis, the author speaks of a people „all priestly” and then, from Lumen Gentium no. 10 show as „recovered” baptismal priesthood. Hence the new face of the Church, which is a people Messianic mission, as the new man, living become „loving relationship with God,” being fulfilled in Jesus and the true glory of God. Form of baptismal priesthood, according to the author, is spirituality / culture Eucharist and best title for this priesthood is the „Mother Church”. In the third part analyzes the spirituality of communion as a form of pastoral action, is especially emphasized pastoral value of this community.

DT281_Stefan Lupu

Cristinel Fodor: Presbyterorum ordinis: utopia or call to holiness?

Il Concilio Vaticano II ha avuto a cuore tutti i problemi della Chiesa. Una particolare attenzione doveva essere accordata alla formazione dei sacerdoti, coloro che devono continuare l’annuncio del Vangelo fini alla fine dei tempi. Il documento Persbyterorum Ordinis traccia le linee fondamentali di una formazione integrale e attuale dei preti.
Le pagini seguenti, partendo dalla situazione odierna, a cinquanta anni dal Concilio, vogliono dare una risposta alla domanda se il documento sulla formazione dei sacerdoti è una utopia o una chiamata alla santità.

Parole chiave: Presbyterorum Ordinis, santità, fromazione, sacerdoti, Vaticano II.

DT341_Cristinel FODOR