Alois Gherguţ: Cuvântul sacru şi era consumismului. O abordare psiho-sociologică

An authentic reproposal of the sacred message in the consuming era cannot leave aside the multiple socio-cultural’ transformation endured by the nowadays man. In a clearly psycho-sociological key the author distinguishes the presence of a certain non-balance between the aspiration and the behaviour of the contemporary man. This state of being it is translated concrete by the apparition of new forms of social and psychic enslavements – devices to influence the human belief -, by the desperate chase for earnings, which puts in many times under question the values inherited from generation to generation, and last by the attitude of indifference toward the religious values or by the superficial and emotional perception of the Gospel’s message. The new evangelization must in this case identify and offer a new perspective in the perception and the understanding of divinity, which to make it known and lived according to the socio-cultural conditions of the contemporary society. Only in this way the mind and the heart of many people will be able to be reoriented towards an authentic Christian faith.


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