Aurel Percă: Seminarul din Iaşi la răspântia dintre două regimuri politice

In this article, Grace Aurel Perca, Iasi auxiliary bishop, willing to reveal some pages of history, that the time, unfortunately, covered or buried in oblivion, reviews a recent period that marked and created the physiognomy of nowadays Seminar, namely, the period when our country came back to the liberty and democracy path by overthrowing the dictatorial communist regime (December 22, 1989). Presenting this period of Seminar’s life, the author wants to underline that these political, social and economic changes from the country influenced Seminar’s life, imposed a paper of rejuvenating the old structures and, at the same time, a new way of instilling vocational aspirations to youth that respond to the new requirements of the Church and society. The Grace finishes the article with an optimist idea: in spite of all changes along the history of the Seminar, this one was and remained the diapason of the Diocese life; here, it may be felt the Diocese pulse through many calls to consecrated life.


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