Cornel CADAR: Mass-media în Dieceza de Iaşi

The article presents the mode in which the Church from Moldavia has used the mass-media during history and the way things are now. Thus, until the beginning of the XX century, the Church has used specific ways of communication, especially in the its catechization and evangelization: church pictures, theatric representations, Christmas and Easter or great feasts pieces. At the end of the XIXth century and at the beginning of the XXth, many books and useful manuals for the teachers, priests and fidelian appear. Even in the communist period, the Church has used some sort of mass-media: the explicated catechism, the wall calendar, prayer and song books, posters, and sometimes towards the end of this period, film slides or videocassettes. After 1989, the mass-media develops more than before, and the Church in Moldavia uses it fully. The author pleads for the wise use of the mass-media, sustaining that its role is almost the same as the one of the priest who preaches the Gospel and helps the ones that have received it to grow.


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