Daniel Mărtinaş: Familia şi fenomenul emigrării

In this article, the author examines the family in the context of increasingly  widespread phenomenon of migration, based on existing realities in the local Church of Iasi. First, he talks about the changes in society with the fall of the communist regime and the need to impose family migration. Then he  summarizes the implications of migration on the family. He still refers to the
harsh reality that many families emigrated collide, in reality much different
from what they had been promised before departure. In these dramatic circumstances, the author wonders how the Church works, both the local and the
universal context. All he replied by concrete examples involving the Church for
spiritual and material support to the immigrants. Not overlooked consequences
of migration for family institution, is actually shown some of these, with a particular focus on the case of young people who live without marrying, bringing
some arguments and remedies to this situation. The article ends with the
report-labor of emigration.

DT285_Daniel Mărtinaş

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