Felician Tiba: Preotul şi familia creştină, formatori prin vocaţie sacră

The author of the article which follows, examines issues priest and the Christian family as trainers through sacred vocation. First, Fr. F. Tiba deals with the genesis of this reality that is called „family”, seeking his roots on her moments of glory, and the fall, identifying his needs. The author states that the natural family is the first institution that goes beyond Christianity, Christ is love novelty and establishing the sacrament of Matrimony. Further, based on the symbolism bones, Fr. F. Tiba emphasizes the dignity of women, but also its role in the knowledge of God by man. After speaking of the influence of sin on the relationship between man and God, man, woman, the author deals with the establishment of the sacrament of Matrimony by Jesus Christ, and then make a picture of the contemporary family. After analyzing the relationship between priest and family, talking about his childhood and youth as two stages in the preparation of marriage, then discusses the newly created family. Finally, before talking about forming family, the author presents some coordinates of family formation.

DT283_Felician Tiba

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