George Enache: Berdiaev şi comunismul

In this article, the author proposes for discussion the reasons of the Church persecution in the communist epoch, and the contradictions from the communist ideology, underlined by the Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdiaev (1874-1948), who in his writings dealt with the philosophy of the religions. The fight of the communists against Christendom signified a crumbling of the spiritual flush from their beings, and this fact encouraged them to change the face of the whole world, because by destroying the roots poked in the Christian past, they wanted to create a mechanic and atheist world. A disputable detail of this article constitutes the definition of the Church as emanation of divinity, as a result of a divine-human process. The term “Church” has two different meanings: on one hand, it is the mystic body of the Christ and his spiritual reality, and, on the other hand, a social phenomenon and a social institution related to state, they existing together and having their own right and economy.

DT257_George Enache

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