Gheorghe Petraru: Evanghelizare şi mărturie creştină prin cult

This study is regarding the evangelization function of the liturgical cult, which is the live expression of true Christian faith living. An eventual separation of the liturgical dimension from the Church’s missionary action would make from the evangelization a pure human action or a simple religious ideology. The author structures his speech in two parts. In the first part, a special attention it is given to the evangelization function of the sacred language, the sacred text – brought up to date and paraphrased in the poetical-liturgical Church’s creation, which is considered as the first step in communicating with God. In the second part, the author is referring to the sacramental dimension of the liturgical cult, especially to the Holy mess and to the Eucharist, a participation in time, through the Holy Ghost’s graces, to the eschatological reality of god’s kingdom.


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