Gilfredo Marengo: Annuncio della fede e pastorale: l’eredità del Vaticano II

In our times, the Holy Spirit sparked in the Church a new force in order to proclaim the Gospel. Starting from these words of Pope Benedict the XVIth, the author of this article brings in front of the reader the legacy of the Second Council form Vatican, for pastoral this means the proclamation of the Gospel, and realizing a teaching, which represents the key of lecture, which describes the 50 years from the opening of the Council. For starters, the author highlights a series of difficulties which grow out from the new things which the Second Council from Vatican brought, plus the perception of the Council as a spring of uncertainties. Further on a process of individualization is tried on, which wants to overcome the difficulties, recognizing what H. Urs von Balthazar called the “tearing down the bastions”. This phenomenon is overtaken by over a half of century of “reconstruction of the bastions”. After a short balance of trade of the relation between the theology and the council, Gilfredo Marengo appeals to “experience” in his process of understanding the Second Council from Vatican, offering a way, which will open the possibility of overcoming, in this acceptance, the opposition between the event and the text.

DT302_Gilfredo Marengo

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