Iosif Enăşoae: Credinţa creştină, fundamentul şi viaţa familiei creştine

In this article the author wants to prove that the base and the life of the Christian family is the Christian faith. In his presentation, the author starts from the premise that faith is an anthropological experience, an existential state which determinates its way of acting and thinking, just when it’s based in the natural truth. Then he carries further with the case of the Christian in today so-ciety, profoundly changed, in which he is invited to observe the belief, especially in the Year of Faith (2012-2013). In the same speech about faith, father I. Enăşoaie characterises faith as an encounter with Christ and a life transformation, but also an epiphany of God. After this decomposition, the author presents the case of the family, showing how faith is the base of the Christian family, the answer being a true faith indeed.

DT307_Pr. Iosif Enăşoae

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