Lucian Farcaş: Umkehr in und mit Glaube, Hoffnung und Liebe

The process of repentance cannot be a human effort to achieve salvation considering the relationship between the kingdom of God and the Christian and ecclesiastical testimony of faith, hope and love. Rather, it is made possible by the undeserved offer of salvation from God’s reign, which Christians and the faith communities can experience in the world through the lived testimony of faith, hope and love. The promotion of Christian action in the world, which in its individual and social dimensions has to be shaped more intensively than before, can create a climate of action in which the effort and constant renewal of human life are the prerequisites for progress of the metanoia process. Conveying understanding of the world from the gift of faith, offering future perspectives of the world from the power of hope and realizing the unity of the world in the testimony of love are elements that open up opportunities for social metanoia.


Dialog 43-2_Farcas

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