Nicola Reali: Raccogliere l’eredità del Concilio a 50 anni dalla sua celebrazione: un caso particolare il sacramento del matrimonio. Lettura teologico-pastorale

In this article, Nicola Reali proposes a pastoral-theological lectu-re of a particular case from the legacy of the Second Council from Vatican, meaning the Sacrament of the Matrimony. For starters, the author proposes a perspective over the matrimonial theology before the council, referring espe-cially to the Canonic Code of Wrights from 1917. Then he proposes a parallel lecture between the Sacrament of matrimony and the Churches mystery, refer-ring to two of the most important documents of the Council: the constitutions “Sacrosanuntum Concilium” and “Lumen Gentium”, the first one reforming the liturgy and the second one proposing a new vision over the Church. The sacrament of matrimony presented in these documents it has seen as a symbol of love between Christ and the Church, and the family as a “domestic Church”. In other conciliar constitution – “Gaudium et spes” – the family it is seen as the result of a choice of love, which leads to the fact of wavering the category of contract and the subordination of purpuses.

DT303_Nicola Reali

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