Pius-Petru Iancu: La formazione iniziale del sacerdote nella Chiesa di oggi: il modello, l’analisi della situazione, le sfide e i protagonisti

The formation of seminarians in today’s socio-cultural and religious context is not an easy task. To be able to identify with Christ, «the good shepherd», and to live pastoral charity, the seminarian must make a deep and troubled itinerary formation. This is why we highlight the model of formation of future priests: Christ, the good shepherd, and the Supreme Sacerdote. The final objective of the formation is to form in the young seminarians the feelings of the Son of God. This task has some implications in the path: to form a man of faith and a prophet, a pastor, and a preacher of the Gospel for the cultures. This is why, with a critical look, we try to analyze the situation in which the young man of nowadays finds himself, underlining his resources and concerns, as well as the various problematic aspects. In the last part, we would discuss the mission of the various protagonists in the work of the formation of future priests.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.53438/JKOS4674

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