Radu CARP: Pierre Manent şi tradiţia gândirii europene despre religie şi politică

In the French political thinking in the second part of the XXth century, especially under the influence of structuralism and Marxism, often religion was repudiated. After 1980, there are some authors who opposed this general tendency; one of them is Pierre Manent, who succeeded in avoiding the ideology of the left-wing and who kept an important place for religion in his thinking. This study presents the principal books of the French political thinker and, finally, exposes the main ideas of these books: secularization is not an irreversible process in Europe; politics and religion are not completely separated; after the fission of the strong notions of State, revolution, Marxism, the state organizations need true reference points, and one of them could be religion. This last solution has an intense and strong resonance in the contemporary Romanian context.

DT1911_Radu CARP

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